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Superman Jim's Products

Go Natural Liquid Nutrition
A Complex & Affordable Way to Build a Strong Foundation for a Healthier way of life for the entire Family!

Why Liquid Nutrition?
Research suggest that there are many reasons why you should perfer liquids over pills/capsules. Liquids bypass the entire digestive process and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and into the cells.  With 98% absorption, liquids assimilate more effectvely into the body giving you more for your money. That is in comparison to 10-20% absorption in pill/capsule form.  With liquid you won't have to choke down dozens of huge pills/capsules that have additives such as talc or other filers. Nor will you have to worry about special carrier molecules that requrire EXTRA digestive efforts.  With Go Complete Liquid Nutrition, you will receive only the highest quality of nutrients that will give you a higher bioavailability, hence having a stronger theropeutic benefit for your entire body!

To Order Liquid Nutrition
Email me at
Price per bottle: $34.95 plus $6.95 s/h

Terry Ray - WBO Crusier Weight

I've known Jim since the late 70's as we both grew up in Terre Haute IN. Through the years training as a boxer, I realized I knew I needed the best coach and I realized the best trainer was right in my own back yard - JIM McCarty.

Jim trained me in strength training, explosiveness, and plyometric’s.  I believe due to his expertise in training helped me win 2 World Titles! I retired from boxing in 2000 and after getting in contact with Jim again two years ago, Jim talked about Go Natural Liquid Nutrition and hearing how it helped him feel good after his illness.  I decided last year to come out of retirement and started taking Liquid Nutrition.  One thing I have to say is "Jim was right" Go Natural Liquid Nutrition helped me with my energy level, stamina for my training and just feel all over GREAT!

To Order Liquid Nutrition
Email me at
Order now:
Order 4 Bottles for Price $127.80 per bottle, plus $6.95 s/h

Jim McCarty Presents "Superman of the Century" Products
Strongest man in the World 1900-1999 "Pound for Pound" (in 5 competition lifts).




Superman of the Century™ Men and Woman Tank Tops and T-Shirts.  Choice between Superman of the Century™ Logo or Superman of the Century™ Clean logo.
 Men  - Gildan Pre-shrunk 100% Cotton Tank Top $14.95 plus s/h
Colors—White, Black, Royal Blue
Sizes — Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXLMen Port & Company T-Shirts 50/50 5.5oz Cot/Poly $19.95 plus s/h
Colors—White, Black, Ash Gray
Sizes — Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXL
Women—Hanes—Silver for Her Tank Tops—Pre-shrunk 100% Cotton 6.1oz $14.95 plus s/h
Colors—White, Black — Sizes—Small, Medium, Large
Women—Hanes—Silver for Her Scoop Neck Pre-shrunk 100% Cotton 6.1oz T-Shirt $19.95 plus s/h
Color—White, Black, Pink—Sizes—Small, Medium, Large 
Pair on Left are called Unisex and pair on Right are called Wrap Around please specify style when ordering Superman Sunglasses. Each design $14.95 plus s/h  
 Superman of the Century™ "decorative eyewear" they are so much more than "a pair of sunglasses". Superman of the Century logo is on the lenses without interfering with the ability to see or obstruct your field of vision. Superman Of The Century™ Sunglasses sold in two Designs each design sells for $14.95 plus s/h

If anyone is interested in personalized coaching program for Olympic, powerlifting, boxing, football, golf, ultimate fighting. Jim has trained athletes in all these sports and they have gone on to a higher level. In 2007 Jim coached the World indoor football Champions.  For more information call  276-618-2673 or e-mail Jim at


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