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Hi I'm Gail and want to share my story with you.  When I was in high school, I looked great! Then I had kids and let myself go.  I thought I would get back into shape.  That thought stayed with me for 20 years. Until 2007 when I finally GOT FIT with Jim McCarty! Let me show you what I use to look like and what I look like now.  Once I started training with Superman I immediately saw results.  Each result gave me more and more motivation to STICK with it!  Once I reach my goals I decided to take it up a level and started training in Powerlifting in 2009.  In March I competed in Athens, GA and won my class, that qualified me for the APC National's in April.  Won first place which qualified me to go to the Worlds, in France!  I'm still training with Superman but now for the Powerlifting Worlds!  Check me out~

Gail After Training
Dec 2008

Gail's Before Picture Sept 2007



A lifestyle that stay's with YOU.
Results that stay for a life time.
Results that STICK with YOU!

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